Google Music store hinted in revamped Android Market?We all know that the Android Market was recently given a facelift, but apart from being easier to use and nicer to look at, what other new stuff are there, waiting to be uncovered by cyber-sleuths? Perhaps – as there were images for section headers that showed off the expected app and movies sections, in addition to a set of currently unused orange music icons. It must be said that majority of the content came from a localized segment of downloads whenever the app runs. Google has yet to confirm or decline the possibility of a Music store though.

Whatever the case is, Google is certainly adventurous enough to take on others who are far more experienced than them in a particular niche. Take the social network for example – Google+ is growing at a phenomenal rate right now, and could potentially eat into Facebook’s market share, so it is no surprise to know that a Music store might be on the way to go up against iTunes. What do you think?

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