There are rules in life, and some rules you can bend, while others are broken. For those who love being rebellious and enjoy testing the boundaries of the rulebook, beware – the Google+ social network is said to have a collection of rules and regulations that if broken or breached, might lead to you losing all Google services. While this might not cause a revolt that Netflix generated because of their new pricing structure, it is still enough to make you toe the line – which is not necessarily a bad thing.

For starters, Google+ will require users to be 13 years old at the very least in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. To show how serious Google+ is, a 10-year old Gmail user in the Netherlands signed up for a Google+ account, and was subsequently revoked from all Google services for violating the service terms and conditions. 

Some of the other rules include a big “No” in front of the following – nudity or sexually explicit material, hate speech, impersonation of others, publishing of someone’s private or personal information, copyright infringement and spamming or phishing. This is pretty much in line with the other players, but do you think what they did to the 10 year old was a bit harsh?

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