HP Touchpad has $328 cost priceAccording to analyst outfit Isuppli, the 32GB model of the HP Touchpad will cost a total of $328 to manufacture – at least that is what Isuppli makes of the Touchpad’s bill of materials (BOM), including a $10 thrown in for manufacturing costs. The display and touchscreen segments will cost $132.50, making up the bulk of its cost price. According to Andrew Rassweiler, senior director of teardown services at Isuppli, “The TouchPad in some ways does closely resemble the original iPad, with its use of the same LG display Apple used in the first-generation iPad, and by initially offering a product that only employs Wi-Fi as its exclusive wireless connection.”

Up next in terms of cost? The Touchpad’s NAND flash memory which is going for $45. With a market price of $599, the amount of profit is south of $300, which ain’t too shabby considering the amount of research and development that had gone into it. Now, if only the Touchpad would be a huge success – that will certainly drive prices further down due to economy of scale.

Will you be getting the webOS-powered device when it arrives?

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