Wall of Sound costs 0 mana to castAre you an avid fan of Magic: The Gathering? Surely if you are an old timer at the trading card game, you would have surely played a deck with walls before just for fun. Glad to say that the Wall of Sound which we are referring to here is not a new card, but rather, is an experiment in progress by Portable Sound Laboratories who want to break a new record with their “Wall of Sound” effort. The entire project comprises of 300 iMainGo X portable speakers daisy chained together, where it will see action at the 2011 X Games 17 at LA LIVE in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

According to John Macnamara, President of Portable Sound Laboratories, “Extreme sports fans brace yourself for an explosion of sound at X Games 17. Portable Sound Labs is amped up to blow you away with the unveiling of our iMainGo X Wall of Sound.”

The iMainGo X was originally designed to deliver great sounding audio without burdening you with unnecessary weight. Guess it is good enough for portable media player use, but a dedicated pair of speakers or a 5.1 surround sound system will definitely do a better job for a desktop setup. You can still give this speaker a go at $69.95 if you’re curious enough.

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