You know the old saying – where there is smoke, there is a fire. Well, if you decide to apply that to iPad 3 rumors, then surely an iPad 3 is all but confirmed. What you see above would be the first photos of what some claim to be a part of the rumored upcoming iPad 3, dropping hints of material design changes at the same time. It seems that this component will feature different part numbers, where what used to be “1180” for the iPad 2 has been “increased” to “1259” for the new component. This might mean nothing at all, but if you are an avid conspiracy theorist, then surely you cannot move away from the spectre that this is an iPad 3 component.

Do you think that Apple will be releasing an iPad 3 so soon after the iPad 2 rolled out? Surely the changes are not all that incremental to warrant an upgrade for many, as I have already met a fair number of folks who are still holding on to the iPhone 3GS because they decided to overlook the Retina Display factor in the iPhone 4, touting that the 3GS is still good enough for their use of making calls and checking email. What about you?

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