iPhone 5 to get Assistant voice control feature?It has been rumored that the iPhone 5 will be making its way to the US this coming September 5th – which isn’t so far away after all. It is just slightly more than a month from now, and to back up such whispers would definitely be rumors of the iPhone 5′s features and capabilities. How about a fully-integrated voice control feature known as Assistant in iOS 5? This was discovered in a leaked screenshot, and it must be stated that it has not been included in the current developer beta version of iOS 5.

Perhaps this means the Assistant will be an iPhone 5 exclusive, similar to how Voice Control was exclusive to the iPhone 3GS when the third generation iPhone rolled out. The very same leak also points toward Assistant doing far more than converting speech to text or command basic iPhone functions – it is said to implement technology seen in the app Siri, a company that Apple recently picked up with their vast coffers at hand.

Just what is Siri? This free iPhone app relies on data stored on your device such as location and calendar schedules so that it can best answer your inquiry. Whatever the case is, Assistant sure sounds very next generation – hopefully it will materialize.

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