KDDI stress test

While we don’t need an app to tell us that we’re stressed out, wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how stressed out we are? In a quantifiable manner? The folks over at KDDI thought so too, and came up with an app and hardware combination for Android phones to do the job. While it’s not available for sale (it currently is an experiment by KDDI’s R&D team), it was recently demonstrated on video.

A user puts on some sort of headband that is used to monitor the user’s brain activity, and then he/she is given a simple game to play on the Android device. It resembles whack-a-mole, but instead of moles popping out of holes, we have Android robots popping out of thin air. After the game is completed, the measurement of brain activity is displayed on some fancy charts, which people can then use to find out if they are more stressed today than they were last weekend. Watch the demonstration video of how it works:

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