Kobo has continuity plan for Borders usersIf you happen to own a Kobo e-book reader, chances are you might have fret a whole lot upon hearing that Borders have filed for Chapter 11 some time back, and will be closing its doors sometime down the road. After all, Kobo’s e-book reader will receive downloads of e-books from Borders itself, so with the impending doom of Borders, does this mean the Kobo device in your hands would be rendered as an expensive paperweight? Not quite, as Kobo has announced that they will be transferring customers over from Borders-specific accounts to Kobo’s very own e-book store, giving you access to more or less all the same books, apart from being up to speed with the latest apps and features.

That is certainly a relief to hear that your investment (e-book readers aren’t exactly an impulse purchase, even though they do not cost anywhere near a grand, but money is still money, especially in the current economic climate) will not be rendered as obsolete anytime soon. If you own a Kobo, would you want to jump ship to a different manufacturer, or will you stick to your guns?

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