Remember our story about LaCie’s Thunderbolt drives being delayed from summer to late fall or early winter that appeared a couple of days ago? Well, sorry to cause an unnecessary panic, but the good people over at LaCie has gotten back to us, with the exact words, “LaCie has made no announcement regarding delay of LaCie Thunderbolt drives.”

The whole snafu were pinpointed to a couple of web pages under LaCie’s domain – as well as the way the four seasons work on different continents. In North America, Asia and Europe, summer time would be winter in Australia and New Zealand, and vice versa, so the web pages which led to this confusion can be found here and here.

A slight difference in the URL has certainly moved blogs and news sites to report on a delay – but there ain’t none, which means the Thunderbolt drive should still be on track as scheduled. Boo hoo for localized web pages for individual sales areas, no?

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