It seems that Logitech could very well offer a Magic Trackpad equivalent for PC users with their upcoming Wireless Touchpad device that has just hit the FCC. This device could very well be an alternative to what most other people would use, the standard mouse. This Wireless Touchpad is also known by its model number T-R0002, where it will rely on the 2.4GHz spectrum in order to communicate sans wires.

Powered by a solitary 1.5V battery that will most probably be of the AA variety, we cannot wring out additional information from the device’s FCC filings, leaving a whole lot of other things to chance. Well, at least the label location that you see here lets you have a better idea on what it looks like, in addition to its general shape. 

It remains open as to what kind of multi-touch gestures the Wireless Touchpad is able to support, but those who have had experience with the Magic Trackpad on Mac computers in the past might probably be familiar with what is delivered. What do you think?

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