Everyone knows just what a great quarter it has been for Apple, and a slew of releases such as the new Mac mini has certainly raised a whole lot of attention in the process. Well, trust the good people over at iFixit to actually grab hold of one of these puppies and taking it apart – as though they are an old hand at it. Of course, one of the most noticeable things about it would be the Thunderbolt port to have it hook up to the first Thunderbolt Display in the world (from Apple, who else). Not only that, there is also a second hard drive port, not to mention having enough room to stash away another storage device. 

Those who want to add another hard drive from Apple directly will have to pay through their nose – and we are looking at at least a grand, if not more. If you have the know how and guts to take your Mac mini apart yourself and perform a self-installation process, then it shouldn’t cost that much – and you will probably beam in pride yourself, knowing that you saved your family a few hundred buckeroos in the process.

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