Mac OS X Lion downloaded over one million times in one day

Apple released Mac OS X Lion yesterday, and in just 24 hours it’s managed to reach over one million downloads; setting a record for the hottest-selling operating system in Apple’s history. Despite a few minor hiccups (some programs not working with the latest version of Mac OS X, and installation issues) initial impressions of the Lion have been great, with mostly favorable reviews from early adopters so far.

The $29.99 price tag for the upgrade could possibly be one of the main reasons behind its hot cake status as well – never has an upgrade to a newer operating system ever been that cheap (not taking into account free operating systems like Linux, of course). The streamlined and easy upgrade process that let pretty much everybody update their Mac computers probably encouraged sales too.

It looks like Apple could have possibly set a new trend for operating system upgrades in the future. Will other companies (i.e. Microsoft) follow suit next time? We’ll just have to see. I’m pretty sure all of us would welcome the lowered price and easy installation with open arms. How many of you have already upgraded to Mac OS X Lion, and what do you think of it so far?

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