Motorized Suzuki couch car looks comfortable but not practical

It never ceases to amaze how many different kinds of innovations companies can come up with that help to make life so much more comfortable and convenient, although we’re thinking that the Suzuki motorized couch definitely takes the cake. The EV Couch Car also happens to be Suzuki’s very first EV, so I guess we should be giving them points for novelty and effort.

The EV Couch Car runs on a 48-volt Club Car motor that juices up on eight, 6W deep cycle batts hidden underneath the rather ugly upholstery of the 80-inch x 36.5-inch sofa that is built atop a chassis with a wheelbase of around 25 inches. It is an all-wheel-drive vehicle that uses a one-disc hydraulic brake mounted on the rear axle. We’re guessing that strong brake power is not ideal in this situation as it could very well send the driver and his/her passengers flying forward. Speaking of which, let’s not forget safety as the EV Couch Car also comes with lap seatbelts.

The “vehicle” should be able to fit three persons including a driver. An IKEA coffee table makes up the dashboard and can also be used as an ottoman to make the ride even more comfortable. We’re guessing we will not be seeing the EV Couch Car made road legal any time soon, although it does have pretty novel value and there’s a certain laziness about the entire design that is strangely appealing.

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