OK, so the Motorola DROID 3 has gone from a leak to a confirmed smartphone, but here is a damper – the smartphone will have a locked bootloader, at least according to forums manager Matt on the Motorola Support Forums earlier this morning. According to Motorola, the company will be rolling out software updates which are able to unlock bootloaders sometime later this year, so we guess you can forget about a summer rollout and enjoy doing some other stuff while waiting. 

As the DROID 3 sports an OMAP processor, chances are quite high that it will feature eFuse built right inside, meaning your handset will end up as an expensive paperweight if you have the guts (and stupidity, we would say) to unlock the bootloader. Still, this does not mean that you can’t root (letting you gain access to parts of the operating system which you normally can’t, so that other custom software which aren’t necessarily malicious can run, such as those from the homebrew scene the smartphone if you apply the same theory with the DROID X.

Motorola sure ain’t making it easy for you to love them when it comes to simple unlocking and rooting of your phone, that’s for sure.

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