Mozilla works on Boot to Gecko (B2G) mobile OS inspired by Chrome OSTo come up with something totally new from scratch these days is a pretty tall order for anyone to fulfill, regardless of the industry in which you are in. These days, it is most probably being “inspired” by previous ideas and designs, where you improve upon the old with your own mix. Mozilla has just confirmed their plans to roll out an operating system that targets mobile devices, and it will be inspired by the Chrome OS. The project, which is known as Boot to Gecko (B2G), will have Google’s Android OS at its core, although Mozilla claims they will attempt to complete the task by using “as little of Android as possible.”

The developers for B2G hope for the project to end up as a “complete, standalone operating system for the open web.” This means HTML5 applications will be the mainstay here instead of just Android apps. Despite using HTML5, the developers intend to create apps that will live up to the standards of native apps for iOS or Android.

Currently, B2G is still under the conceptual development stage, where developers will have to lay the groundwork to roll out a bunch of new APIs, security protocols, and apps in order to explore potential capabilities.

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