The world has certainly become a far more dangerous place – back in the days of the cave man, parents feared their little ones getting carted away by a saber-toothed tiger, but fast forward to today, you still get the same kind of abductions happening, by crazed people, of course. Nearparent wants to help ease your fears with their new mobile device application for iOS and Android devices, where parents can build a trusted network of adults to their child when in need. This will require your device to have GPS capability, since it is a location-based app. For non-smartphone devices, Nearparent is SMS compatible to cater for this niche market.

A parent user will need to add their child to Nearparent first, where the app will then request for your permission to invite specially selected helpers for the child. This app will make sure as the child’s parent, you are always in control of the individuals in your own Nearparent network so that you don’t end up with creepy fellows or fakesters. This is basically a closed social network with strict privacy controls, preventing essential information from reaching the hands of unauthorized users.

Any child who feels lost and needs assistance will just need to click a button on the app, where all adults in the network will be alerted. A map feature will show off the child’s location instantly in real time via a smartphone. They should just call this app the “Summon Parents” spell…[Press Release]

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