Nissan Leaf outdoing Chevrolet Volt in salesIt can only be a good thing when we come across news about car companies that are out-doing each other in terms of electric vehicle sales, which could mean that not only are car companies putting out competitive electric vehicles, but it could also signify that there is a growing interest in electric vehicles.

The cars in question would be the Nissan Leaf (check out the review we did a while back), versus the Chevrolet Volt, with the Leaf selling 3,875 electric cars, while Chevrolet sold only 2,745 extended-range electric vehicles. Granted the numbers are pretty small when compared to regular gasoline-powered vehicles, but it’s a start. It was only just yesterday that we reported about how Toyota had announced three brand new EVs that they were planning to put on to the market in 2012, so perhaps with more options to choose from, people may start showing more interest.

Nissan spokesperson Katherine Zachary was also quoted as saying that the deliveries and reservations for the Leaf are increasing, thanks to increased public awareness.

“When your neighbor is driving [an electric car], when your friend is driving one, that just stimulates the demand.”

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