Panasonic is back to further expand their Lumix family of digital camears with the Lumix FZ47, a high-end point-and-shoot digital camera that is touted to offer unprecedented control over video and still photo capture – all thanks to its Creative Control mode.

While the megapixel race is clearly done and over with, as camera manufacturers realize customers are more learned than ever before, and at a certain point, packing in so many megapixels won’t do the images justice as how many folks would actually blow up their shots to the size of their front gate? Hence that might explain a “mere” 12.1-megapixel resolution on the Lumix FZ47.

At least it comes with 24x optical zoom that lets you capture action from afar – imagine being at a safari and you need to get a closer shot of that yawning lion, but are separated by a wall of fear? Let the superzoom ability handle that, in addition to capturing permanent memories using 1080i HD at 30 fps video capture ability.

Other hardware details include 3″ LCD display, a 24x Leica zoom lens with a 25mm wide-angle focal length, and the ability to capture 3.5-megapixel stills – all when you have a video recording session going on, of course. Expect to fork out $400 for the Luimx FZ47 as it ships next month. [Press Release]

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