Over the months, we’ve been seeing a lot of sites and services start to replace Flash with alternatives such as HTML5 and it looks like Adobe’s domination over multimedia content on the internet might be coming to an end. One such site that recently went through a overhaul to get rid of Flash is the popular radio streaming service: Pandora.

Earlier today it made an announcement, saying it has over 100 million users and that it will be rolling out a new website that is said to work better. The main difference between the old and the new site will be the removal of Flash in favor of HTML5 although the option to enable the old site will be there – for users who are still on older browsers that aren’t completely HTML5 compatible yet.

The reason for ditching Flash is mainly to create a much faster experience for its users. A couple of seconds shaved off here and there can total up to quite a bit in the long run. In addition to a revamp in the code, the will be given an overhaul to work differently as well. It will now place a bigger emphasis on social integration, and will give users a whole bunch of new features to play around with. The new Pandora website will begin rolling out incrementally, starting this week with Pandora One subscribers.

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