So you’ve just bought yourself a brand new camera, or perhaps it was given to you as a gift, but like all budding amateur photographers, the dials, the numbers and the deep menus will probably confuse you quite a bit. So instead of poring through the camera’s manual or buying a guide book on how to use your camera, how about this online camera simulator that will let you experiment with the basic features of a camera in a more fun and easy way.

CameraSim apparently requires no registration whatsoever, so you can just pop on down to their website and start using the simulator right away with absolutely zero fuss. You are then presented with a sample “view” of a girl in a playground, holding a spinning pinwheel in her hand with a variety of basic camera features for you to mess around with.

You have “Lighting” (white balance), “Distance”, “Focal Length” (zoom), “ISO” (film speed), “Aperture”, and “Shutter Speed”. Play around with the settings and click “Snap photo!” and you will be presented with the results of what your photo would have looked like had you used those settings on an actual camera. It’s a pretty fun simulator, of course the results will vary from camera to camera but we’re guessing that it should at least provide the basic knowledge of some of the features and what they do for those who may be new to a camera.

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