Remember the PR2 robot? Well, we know that it is smart enough to read and play pool, but what if it were to be involved in something much more useful such as helping out quadriplegics? Henry Evans, who has been a quadriplegic for the last ten years, decided that the PR2 would be just the buddy to have around the home, where the PR2 will do stuff that your best friend might even avoid – such as relieving you of whatever itch you have anywhere on your body, or shaving that 5 o’clock shadow from your chin.


Too bad the PR2 is out of reach for most people at an astronomically high cost of $400,000. Hopefully the manufacturers behind the PR2 is able to lower the cost eventually, making it affordable and accessible to the people who need it most. 

At least Henry now has his itch scratched – at his whim and fancy, without getting any strange looks or whines from the PR2 to boot. Now that’s what we call service. Good for you, Henry, and may the PR2 continue to be a faithful servant for many more years.

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