PS3 feature being removed on the sly by Sony?Someone managed to be a screen ninja for the day, sending Kotaku an image of what could very well be the replacement model for the 160GB PlayStation 3. In this image are wordings of rumored replacement model, known only as the “K” chassis. What makes the K chassis so different from current models would be to have customers make compulsory use of an HDMI cable to play a game or enjoy a Full HD movie. To put it in a nutshell, component out will no longer be part of the game, leaving HDMI as the only avenue to get your High Definition viewing fix.

This purported memo also claims that future PS3 models will also take the same path, while its predecessors will not be receiving an update to make HDMI cables compulsory for HD viewing. Well, this rumor might actually drive up the prices of second hand PS3 models – pre-K chassis ones, of course, if it were to be substantiated with truth. 

Either way, it doesn’t hurt to pick up an HDMI cable at the moment if you happen to spot one going for a really cheap price.

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