While we can’t say for sure that the majority of grown ups carry around lunch boxes, we also can’t be certain that the young kids of the current generation are as big a fan of Star Wars as certain adults are. In either case this R2-D2 lunch kit should appeal to adult fans who probably just want to collect it, or for kids who probably think that it’s just another robot.

Made 100% out of PVC and PEVA linings, the R2-D2 lunch kit is said to use “superior quality” closed cell polyethylene foam insulation which is supposed to help keep food fresh. It’s also reportedly easy to clean, but the kicker here is not what the lunch kit is made out of, but rather what it can do.

At a push of a button, the R2-D2 lunch kit is supposed to light up with and produce sound effects, both of which we’re thinking (and hoping) will stay somewhat faithful to the original colors and sounds produced by R2-D2 that we remember from the movies. Unfortunately it does not specify what batteries are required to power the LED lights and the sounds.

Coming in at $14.99, it’s an inexpensive collector’s item for Star Wars fans, and also an affordable way for your kid to bring his/her lunch to school and making them the coolest kid in class.

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