They say that looks are not everything, but good thing the Razer Electra goes against conventional wisdom by functioning as well as it looks. On the outside, you get a slick design that is bound to turn heads wherever you go while wearing them, and this pair of cans are more than capable of delivering powerful bass depth and crisp clear soundstages.


It can be used with your tablet, smartphone or computer – it doesn’t matter, the audio quality delivered will still be top notch if the source file used is worth its salt, of course. The Razer Electra is said to deliver deep, booming bass and balanced sound courtesy of audio drivers that have been finely tuned to low frequencies.

It doesn’t matter how noisy it is around you – the Razer Electra has optimally positioned ear cups and thick leatherette ear cushions, ensuring your listening experience is not compromised whenever you travel on the subway or live in a noisy neighborhood.

Detachable parts of the Electra include a rubber sheathed audio cable and an inline microphone audio cable for voice communication purposes. Prepare $59.99 if you want to pick up the Razer Electra this October! This seems like something the Hulk or Green Lantern would use when chillin’… [Press Release]

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