Remember the good old days of computer games which required the use of a mouse? Granted, games these days need the mouse more than ever before, but the hardware has changed over the years, and just like a vestigial part of the body, most computer mice have lost the wired connection to a computer. Die-hards will still claim that the wired mouse holds an advantage over a wireless model simply because there is far less chance of interference and failure during use.

Razer, a well known brand when it comes to gaming peripherals, has just announced the reissue of the Mouse Bungee a good 15 years since its release. Just what does the updated Razer Mouse Bungee bring to the figurative table? For starters, it will thread your mouse cord through to prevent it from dragging against surfaces or ended up all tangled. There are also anti-slip feet and a weight that has been installed in the Razer Mouse Bungee’s base, making sure it remains immobile regardless of how agressive you end up with your mouse (throwing the mouse is not included). 

Expect Razer to price the Mouse Bungee for $19.99 when it ships worldwide this July 28th. [Press Release]

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