Apart from watching your favorite sitcom on the TV back home, what else do you do with the idiot box? OK, so I might get some flak from this as TVs these days are deemed to be ‘smart’, so it could be insulting to some for me to call it the idiot box. You know what they say, a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, but I digress. Watching movies is one thing, but if you want to get more interactive with your TV, how about playing video games on it? That is what Redbox hopes you do, hence announcing the inclusion of video game rentals in another 5,000 of its kiosks from August 1st onwards.


These titles will cater to owners of the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii, where another 16,000 more Redbox kiosks will see such additions in due time. Currently, Redbox owns and operates around 33,000 rental kiosks throughout the US.

Rented games will cost you $2 per night, so it has the added incentive of you finishing up that game as soon as possible instead of letting in languish on the shelve, collecting dust even until the sequel to the title is released.

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