Robots to learn paparazzi photo taking methodsForget about human paparazzi hounding celebrities to death in the future – robots are there to take over that role, and knowing how relentless a robot can be (Terminator, anyone?), that’s not a good thing. Of course, this is applicable only in cases where a robot is constructed in a similar manner to that of the T-800, which we don’t think will be the case. Raghudeep Gadde, a computer scientist at the International Institute of Information Technology in Hydrabad, India, has decided to work on a robo-paparazzi with the humanoid NAO as his platform, arming it with a head-mounted camera. The NAO has been programmed to obey a couple of simple photographic guidelines, which are the rule of thirds and the golden ratio.

The rule of thirds states that an image ought to be divided into three, vertically and horizontally, where interesting features are placed where the dividing lines cross. As for the golden ratio, it suggests that the horizon line ought to divide a photo into two rectangles, where the larger is 1.62 times the size of the smaller.

The robot will also be programmed so that it can assess the quality of its photos via rating focus, lighting and color. Too bad such robots won’t be able to have the human intelligence and cunning to achieve a decent photo shooting angle in the first place.

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