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Samsung slider for Boost Mobile spotted in the wild

15 Samsung M930 Boost Mobile

While most manufacturers these days are shying away from creating handsets with physical keyboards, especially of the slide-out variation, there are a number of companies that aim to capture this shrinking market. Leaked press shots of a new Samsung phone show that the company still has vested interest making phones with slide-out QWERTY keyboards.

Being the first slider device for Boost Mobile, Samsung’s SPH-M930 (follow up to the Samsung Transform SPH-M920) will run on Android 2.3 gingerbread, a 1GHz MSM8655 Qualcomm SoC, a HVGA-resolution display, and a low-end rear camera (possibly 2-megapixels). No word on when it’ll go on sale at Boost Mobile, but since it hasn’t paid a visit to the FCC, it’s probably a couple of months away. A pretty decent looking device that should please Boost Mobile customers looking for a slide-out QWERTY Android phone. Any takers?

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