Scosche’s sneakPEEK auto in-car A/V cable let’s you stream videos to your vehicle’s TV display

Some vehicles come with a built-in display that doubles up as a television of sorts, allowing you pop in a DVD and play it, distracting your kids for the next couple of hours. So what about those times that you did not bring a DVD with you, or perhaps you’re sick of the DVDs that you’ve kept in your car, then what? Well as long as your iOS device has a couple of videos/audio stored, you should be able to stream it on your vehicle’s display with Scosche’s in-car A/V cable.

Called the sneakPEEK auto, the cable allows users to watch movies, TV shows, music videos or listen to music in the car.  The cable even comes with a switch to disable the video connection if you’d rather watch your shows in private (assuming you’re not the one driving the car), and it reportedly even charges your iOS device while plugged in.

It also measures 9 feet in length, which means in SUVs there should be plenty of slack to be had when passing your iOS device around. If you wish to get your hands on the sneakPEEK auto A/V cable, it will cost you a pretty penny at $74.99.

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