Belt buckles are almost as good as wearing statement t-shirts. After all, sporting a huge belt buckle with the Batman symbol on it probably lets the world know that you’re a huge Batman fan; either that you’re just really attention seeking. If you’re not an attention seeker, but you would love to share with the world how big a geek you are, then perhaps these mouse belt buckles are precisely what you need in order to achieve that.


The buckles were born when creator PJ was taking out a box of old computer mice to discard. He realized that the mice were about the same size as the belt buckles that he usually makes, which he usually makes out of hemp and leather, thus a new series (albeit a pretty geeky one) of belt buckles was born.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much where the geekiness ends, as the belt unbuckles the regular way. We were kind of hoping for a single or double-click open kind of belt buckle, but perhaps we were expecting too much. Mac users, PJ has thought of you guys too as there are Mac belt buckles for sale too.

The buckles are priced anywhere between $15-$22 and they’re available on his Etsy page, so head on down and pick up a couple of buckles to show off your inner geek/allegiance (PC or Mac).

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