It has recently been reported that come July 6th, Facebook will be announcing a tie-up with Skype which would allow users on Facebook to video chat via the website. Since Facebook has already been integrated with Skype, it would be a logical assumption that Skype could see itself being integrated into Facebook too. As it stands, Facebook has over 750 million active subscribers, compared to Skype’s 170 million, which would mean that Skype will stand to benefit if their services are integrated into Facebook.

We’re not sure how successful video chat integration could be, given that the regular Facebook chat isn’t exactly 100% reliable, plus it could slow down the Facebook experience, although it is a pretty cool feature if you think about it, since you probably don’t have all your Facebook friends on Skype, it would be nice to video chat with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Many questioned Microsoft’s decision to buy Skype for $8.5 billion, but could it be that this deal was a possibility that Microsoft foresaw which helped to justify that $8.5 billion acquisition?

Either way, the 6th of July is only a couple of days away, so I guess we will find out then.

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