Snail Mail My Email lets you send a letter without visiting the post office

In this day and age, it’s hard to find anybody who still writes letters by hand anymore. With the convenience offered by email – instant delivery, delivery reports, attachments, rich content etc; it’s hard to see why anybody would still want to use snail mail. Sure, there’s always the personal touch of a handwritten letter and the fun from licking stamps but those novelties don’t outweigh the convenience provided by technology.

An artist by the name of Ivan Cash is refusing to let this form of communication die and has started a project called Snail Mail My Email. With this service, Ivan Cash (and his network of helpful volunteers) transcribes into a handwritten letter any email that you send to them (100 word max, 1 letter per person) which then gets mailed to your recipient. If you would like it personalized, they can even add a doodle or a spray of perfume (add it in your request). And did I mention that the service was free?

If you’d like to send a letter to somebody and not have to do the dirty work yourself, head over to Snail Mail My Email and give it a shot. The project is only going to be around for a month, so get cracking.

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