When it comes to hands-free technology for your phone, chances are a Bluetooth-enabled carkit is the cookie cutter solution for most people, but why take the oft-traveled route with a standard looking Bluetooth carkit when you can always walk down cute alley with Speaky?


Take a look at the image above and you will know what I am talking about – Speaky is an interesting speakerphone that was specially developed for folks who want decent audio quality when driving without getting bogged down by complicated controls.

Speaky excels in this aspect as it is touted to be the first Bluetooth carkit in the market that boasts of automatic switch on/off functions. Conversations are decent with its noise cancellation technology known as NoiseLock, while all voice instructions (in English) are clear and easy to follow. Pressing Speaky’s belly button will let you receive or reject a call, and you can press the arm to determine the current volume level.

Speaky goes to sleep automatically after losing connection to your phone for more than 5 minutes, helping conserve its battery life even more. Whenever its motion sensor is detected, it will turn on automatically – making it a snap to use when you step into your car. Just make sure your phone’s Bluetooth connection is left on, or course.

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