The success of mobile gaming detailed in an infographicWho would’ve thought that mobile gaming was going to be a force to contend with? Initially it was thought of only as a casual pastime – something for people to enjoy while they waited for a train or sat in a bus towards their destination. It wasn’t seen as something that would overtake dedicated gaming consoles. But now, many years later, we have phones as powerful as laptops that are capable of running fantastic looking games that went beyond social/casual gaming, with big studios behind the wheel. Look at how times have changed.

The folks over at Geekaphone recently released an informative infographic detailing the success of the mobile gaming industry with loads of interesting facts. Here are some of the more interesting ones: as of 2010, the mobile entertainment industry was worth $33 billion – gaming is said to reach $8 billion this year. The Free version of Angry Birds earns an estimated $1 million a month solely from ads. 37% of iPhone owners game daily. Check out the full infographic and let us know what you think.

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