The wonders of science never ceases to amaze us, and more often than not, you do get advancements which improve the lot of humankind by leaps and bounds, and what we have here today is definitely one of those life changing devices, especially for folks who suffer from speaking difficulties. We’re not talking about having a cat catching your tongue, but rather, those who have lost their ability to speak. Yes sir, the new gel created from a collaboration between the scientists at MIT and Harvard is flexible enough to function like an actual vocal cord.

The synthetic gel that is called polyethylene glycol (PEG) can be injected directly into someone else’s vocal cords (which sounds like a very painful process if you ask me), where this is said to help restore one’s voice as it is capable of mimicking the elasticity of their vocal cords.

Doing so will assist in the restoration of vibration to those stiffened by scarring. The brains behind this wonder gel hope to classify this under the “injectable medical device” category instead of a drug for speedier approval and greater accessibility, so that it can arrive in the market as soon as possible. This won’t signal the end of sign language though, so don’t worry.

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