The man behind the commercially successful light bulb after a few hundred attempts, Thomas Alva Edison, might also be the same brain behind the first talking doll attempt in the world. Yup, scientists armed with advanced imaging technology have managed to recover a 123-year-old recording which might just be the beginning of the American recording industry.

The sound recording “saw” a woman reciting a verse of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” According to historians, they believe that Edison actually hired the woman to make the recording which was the precursor to his unsuccessful attempt at introducing a talking doll to the market.

Imagine that, if the market back then had been ready for something like this, the Teletubbies might have brought about their brand of cuteness (to some) a whole lot earlier with voices to boot. Guess kids back then had to rely on the power of their imagination to get their dolls to “talk”, no?

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