The Octane 120 Beer Arcade combines drinking and gamingLooking to be the envy of all your beer guzzling, gamer friends? If you are, then perhaps Dream Arcades’ Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade might be something you would want for your living room, provided you’re willing to fork out close to $6,000 for it.

The Beer Arcade also comes loaded with a dozen driving sims and a fully adjustable steering wheel and seat, variable-resistance clutch, brake, and gas pedals, and as the name suggests, this is the one time where drinking and “driving” is not illegal! The Beer Arcade is also said to be compatible with the PlayStation 3, so perhaps if you’d rather hook up a non-driving game, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Beer wise, the Beer Arcade will be able to hold two 5 gallons or a half barrel keg worth of beer, with the option of either reaching around to pour it from the tap, or pour it in front of you via the cup holder, which will hold your glass steady while you pour yourself a cold one.

For those looking to get in some two-player gaming, the Beer Arcade will also feature a wireless two-player arcade control panel with a built-in trackball. So what do you think? Anybody willing to drop $6,000 for this bad boy?

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