You would think that with the amount of green education that is going around these days, Captain Planet and the Planeteers would have seen a revival in popularity instead of those fuel guzzling Transformers. Well, Toshiba is on Captain Planet’s side with their new REGZA 32BC3 HDTV which was launched in Japan. Just what does this new LCD TV bring to the table?

Apart from the standard 1366 × 768 resolution on its IPS panel that also sports a 1,100:1 contrast ratio, this new REGZA will also be equipped with a Digital TV Tuner and USB Recording features. What greenheads love would be the new Power Saving button located on its remote, where pressing this button will automatically reduce the TV’s brightness by up to 75% – and Toshiba claims that this happens without sacrificing image quality loss or other kinds of image degradation even when you’re engrossed in your favorite movie.

Released in September later this year in Japan, we aren’t too sure whether something like this will ever make its way Stateside. What do you think – will folks actually use this Power Saving feature?

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