Toshiba knows about Thrive bugs, set to squash itRemember our story about the possessed Toshiba Thrive tablet? Something which held so much promise, but delivered a rather unsatisfactory performance for some – well, good news as Toshiba has acknowledged that there is a bug that plagues certain Thrive owners, and they are working on a fix even as you read this. Hopefully, this would mean your Thrive won’t suddenly go to sleep for no reason, or just like some of us out there, have trouble waking up from “sleep mode” – especially during Mondays.

There is still no definite date as to when the fix will be issued, but when it does, it will roll out via Toshiba’s Service Station application which comes pre-loaded on the Thrive. All in all, this is not good publicity for Toshiba at all, and we do hope that the Japanese company will be able to remedy the situation sooner rather than later, as this is definitely a black mark in most people’s books.

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