Toyota makes our roads safer with Pre Crash System and Lane Departure PreventionAre cars making humans dumber, just like how scientists came to the conclusion that the use of Google has helped humans become “dumber” and more impatient, as our brains’ synapses get rerouted and thrown out of whack. Sure, passive safety technology in vehicles are much welcome such as the seat belt, child restrainer seats, automatic wipers, smart headlamps, and even Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). However, all those will amount to little if you’ve have an appetite for destruction (cue Guns & Roses) on the asphalt.

Toyota has their very own PCS (Pre-Crash System) that will also include Lane Departure Prevention – and the name is self-explanatory – it will give out an alert just in case you change lanes without noticing, while slowing down your vehicle to a full stop if you fail to do anything to prevent an accident.

Hopefully the Lane Departure Prevention system might just help save lives even when you nod off, although it would be nice if there was this automatic braking system so that you don’t get involved in a fender bender no thanks to a micro-sleep while you’re at the wheel. Sorta like speed-matching in Tie Fighter on the PC all those years ago.

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