Twitter promoted Tweets now float

Promoted Tweets

Folks who use Twitter to advertise will be glad to know that the service is now starting to push promoted Tweets. Previously, all promoted tweets had was an icon signifying their status as a promoted tweet. Now they will pop up at the top of a user’s timeline until he or she hides away. While these promoted tweets won’t be appearing in the timeline of somebody who isn’t subscribed to your feed, this new feature should give them a lot more exposure instead of just letting the tweets get buried amongst other tweets in the regular timeline.

So for Twitter users who only follow a small group of friends and nobody commercial – fret not, you won’t be bombarded with promoted tweets (unless of course, they were retweeted by one of your friends). In the mean time look out for tweets from companies like Dell, HBO, Groupon, Microsoft Xbox, and Starbucks that are testing out this new feature.

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