Zlango VringoRemember the social messaging app, Zlango, which was launched last week? Well it looks like the company behind the app has managed to stir up quite a bit of interest, as Vringo, a provider of software platforms for mobile social and video apps has signed a letter of intent to acquire and merge with Zlango.

Vringo, Zlango and two leading venture capital firms: Benchmark Capital and DAG Ventures, plan to take Zlango’s rich media messaging services, combined with Vringo’s strong social and video apps to create a new leader in the mobile social arena. It wasn’t mentioned what the coalition be planning to do next, but with the backing of Benchmark Capital (investors in eBay, Twitter and Red Hat Software), and DAG Ventures (investors in AdMob, Plaxo and Yelp) it’s probably going to be something big.

Stay tuned for more details in the near future, in the meantime have you checked out Zlango yet?

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