Worlds first double leg transplant carried out in Spain

Some surgeons in Spain announced that they’ve completed the world’s first double-leg transplant earlier today. While the results of the operation aren’t conclusive yet, it is a noteworthy achievement for Pedro Cavadas who has performed similar breakthrough operations in the past. He carried out the first double arm transplant in Spain and second in the world back in 2008, while in 2009 he performed Spain’s first face transplant.

The double leg transplant was done on a man whose legs were amputated above the knee after an accident. The patient had previously faced life in a wheelchair because prosthetic limbs were unsuitable (when an amputation is above the knee, there’s not enough space to fit a prosthetic leg). While the results of the surgery aren’t conclusive yet (Cavadas mentioned that they would need at least 48 hours before he could provide more information), if successful, it would lead to hope for amputees who have been spending their lives in wheelchairs because of their inability to use a prosthetic limb. Let’s hope all goes well for the patient in the coming few days.

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