Xbox 360 Media RemoteThe Xbox 360 has undeniably become much more than a game console, and with the recent announcement of Xbox TV in addition of the existing Hulu and Netflix support, it’s clear that Xbox 360 needed… a media remote, which will arrive on the market at $19.99 on November 2011.

Obviously, there is some overlap with the Xbox controller: directions and A,B,X,Y buttons are present to deal with basic user interface elements. After that, you will find the usual play+pause/rewind/forward buttons.The remote is fairly basic, but I’ve seen much worse for the price, and if you use the xbox to watch movies often, it should feel better than using the gamepad.

Incidentally, Microsoft has also announced a $60 Bluetooth wireless headset that should come out at the same time. It’s nice and shiny, but it’s just a BT headset, so if you want to save a buck or two, it’s possible to get something cheaper.

Xbox 360 Media Remote

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