iPhone 4 appsThere have been tons of rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 and naturally so, given Apple’s trademarked secretive nature surrounding their products. With carriers starting to roll out 4G LTE connectivity, rumors of a 4G LTE capable iPhone 5 have also sprung up but were then quickly dismissed because apparently the 4G LTE radios caused the iPhone to drain its battery too quickly for Apple’s liking.

Now those rumors have surfaced again, and this time BGR is saying that thanks to a leaked internal iOS build, deep within the code are specific parameters for LTE networks, as seen above, and they have also “confirmed” that carriers are apparently testing 4G LTE iPhones.

While we’re sure that Apple would love to get on board 4G LTE, given that some of their competitors already have 4G LTE capable handsets out in the market already, Steve Jobs has said that in the past there will be baseband issues in phones as small as the iPhone 4. Given that Apple has come out and said that we will not be seeing LTE iPhones this year, I guess that LTE will probably be in iPhone 6 or later.

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