Android malware disguised as Google+ appOne of the favorite methods to trick folks into installing a particular piece of malware is to disguise it as software – especially when it is software that developers know is “hot” in the market – case in point, this piece of malware that masquerades as the Google+ app. This piece of malware was discovered by the team at Trend Micro, where it is known as ANDROIDOS_NICKISPY.C. Capable of answering and recording phone calls automatically, it will also go around capturing data without you knowing. The app itself will load the moment your phone boots up, where it will then proceed by running several services which are able to monitor messages, phone calls, as well as where you are at that particular moment – not to mention having the ability to steal your e-mail and other content.

The people behind this malware are devious, calling it Google++. For those who are not particularly fond of details might overlook the fact that Google++ is not legit – the Internet search giant’s official social network is known as just Google_.

Good thing you can uninstall it, hence making this a low risk piece of malware, but at least it is one potential pothole that you can avoid if you’re rocking to an Android-powered smartphone and have gone download happy on it.

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