Angry Birds on Nokia N9 demonstration video

Nokia N9 Angry Birds

If you were wondering whether you’d get to play with your favorite feathered friends and slingshot on Nokia’s upcoming MeeGo phone, you don’t have to worry anymore. The folks over at MeeGo Experts have shot a video showing Angry Birds running on the Nokia N9 and it sure looks beautiful on the phone’s AMOLED screen. The game translates over to the platform really well, running smoothly without a hitch.

The demonstrator also shows off how the phone’s multi-tasking works, and frankly I’m impressed. He managed to leave the application with a swipe of his finger, do whatever he needed to do, and swipe back in to resume the game easily, with no signs of lagging in between. And for those of you who need Skype on your phone, the video also shows the VoIP/IM app running on the Nokia N9 as well. Watch the video demonstration:

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