Angry tweet gets customer kicked out of bar

Twitter fightIn today’s day and age of modern technology, it is important that we all watch what we say – especially if we do it in on a public outlet like Twitter. Just last week we had the case of the rapper, Game, jamming up the Compton police station hotline because he (or the alleged hacker) decided to post the number online and invited people to call up for a job. Now, we’ve got another report of a customer being kicked out of a restaurant for posting a tweet about the restaurant’s bartender.

While she was having drinks at the bar, she overheard the bartender bad mouthing a mixologist and she decided to tweet about what the bartender said. She also called him a “Twerp” and added the hashtag #jackoff to her tweet. Unfortunately for her, the general manager of the bar caught wind of the tweet, called her through the phone at the bar, scolded her and then told her to leave.

It wasn’t mentioned how the GM managed to find out who she was at the bar (her profile picture probably gave her away) but do you think the situation was handled in the right way? Sure, it wasn’t the best idea to publicly broadcast insults on the internet, but she probably didn’t think she’d get called out on the act. I guess the age old saying “if you’ve got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all” applies here; even if it’s on Twitter.

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