Apple patent reveals new way of charging your device via headphonesBack in June we reported on an Apple patent that suggested that Apple was looking into wireless charging for their devices i.e. the ability to charge your iPhone wirelessly via your iMac computer. It appears that in a recent patent discovered by AppleInsider, Apple has yet another method for charging your iOS devices and it will be through the use of your headphones.

According to the patent filing, the inductive charging technique used involves winding the cables of your earphones around a charging station. A magnetic field would then be created through the charging mechanism, which would induce a current in the receiving coil and recharging the battery in the portable device.

During that time the headphones would remain connected to the device (iPod/iPhone/iPad) with one of the earbuds resting on the back of the device to act as a contact, completing the inductive charging coil.

It sounds pretty interesting and is said to be able to charge devices relatively fast, although given the description and the accompanying drawing of how the set up would look like, it certainly does not look very elegant or simple which is what Apple tends to go for.

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