Apple logoA while back there were rumors that Apple had plans to launch a brand new Mac, which some had speculated that perhaps it might be an ultra-thin 15” MacBook. As to whether it would be a 15” MacBook Air or perhaps a replacement for the 15” MacBook Pro is still unknown, but it seems that there are new rumors by who claims that Apple has plans to launch a brand new Mac by the end of the year.

It seems that they are saying that the new Mac will be completely different from whatever Apple is currently offering up, so much so to the point that it will get getting an entirely new name. It seems rather speculative for now and it’s hard to imagine what Apple has in mind.

If you’ve been following news surrounding Apple then you’re also probably familiar with the news that says Apple may be thinking of making a switch from Intel processors to ARM processors instead, so perhaps those 15” ultra-thin MacBooks that were rumored back then may be coming loaded with ARM instead of Intel, although we don’t see how “completely different” that will be from their current lineup.

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